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ShareMyPix for iPad

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개발자: Coach Bob
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ShareMyPix allows you to create slideshows from your iPad photo library and send them directly to your contacts with a simple email. You can also add fun visual effects to your photos.

There are 3 ways you can share your photos. The first way is Photos Only. This sends just the photos you have chosen for the slideshow in a simple, embedded email message. The second way to send the photos is Interactive. This creates a fully self-contained web page and sends it as an attachment in an email message. The Interactive method provides a richer viewing experience for the person viewing your photos. The Photos Only is a more generally supported way to send the photos and is not affected by the viewers browser. The third way to share your photos is by posting them directly to Facebook. Your captions will be included with your image so friends will be able to read all your captions along with your photos.